I asked, you answered.

God I asked and you answered.

I asked you to give me a reason you replied “do not give up on your niece and nephew, do not give up on life, I’m not ready for you yet.”

For everyone who reached out to me about my blog God give me a reason.. much love and appreciation goes to you all. You inspired me to write about the purpose God gave me to be here, so I will begin.

I was born Monday, January 6, 1997. A Monday. The laziest day of the week for the laziest person most people know. I was born on a Monday because it is the first day of the week. Referring to the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:3 says “And God said let there be light and there was light”. Now God created light on the first day of the week. He also made it so that I took my first breath on the first day of the week. So my purpose is to be the light in people’s lives. As the famous quote says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. My purpose is to come into people’s lives who need help with something and to shine so brightly that they see things about themselves that they’ve never seen before. My purpose was to be here on earth when my niece, Le’Asia, was born so that I could show her the ins and outs of life, the right way and the wrong way. My purpose was to work on myself so diligently that someday I could give my niece the life I never had. Then I talked to God about her. I asked Him what He wanted me to do and He told me to be there for her. He said He has given me all the tools I need to succeed, but that it is up to me to use those tools and press forward no matter what obstacles try to stop me. My purpose is to not give up. To show the world that you can go through incarceration, and still recover from it. You can go through divorce, and still love again and even want to marry again someday. You can lose people, but you lost them so that you could gain new people who help you far more than those people you lost.My purpose is to use the keys I’ve been given for a greater purpose. To touch people’s hearts and souls just through my words. To allow people to sink into my words and to feel something that makes it feel like I’m talking to them. My purpose is to serve my God. To show Him that I love everything He does, the good and the bad. To show God that I know the battle isn’t mine, that He gave His only begotten Son because He so loved the world. My purpose is to use the gifts He has blessed me with. To be creative in all aspects of my life no matter what tries to take away my creativity. My purpose is to never fall to far away from what His plan is for me. I asked Him to give me a reason He gave me a plan. He gave me friends. He gave me the choice to give up or to go through what He is putting me through so that I can get to what He has waiting for me.

Dear God, I asked and you answered. Thank you God for the people you sent my way to tell me that everything was gonna be okay. I love you God. I appreciate you for loving me so much that I can feel your love inside of me. I can hear you, you told me that you love me so much that you will help me though. I’m so grateful that I gave my life to you.

Much love,



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