Thank you water.

I want to first apologize to my most faithful readers. Because of my mental illness I lose interest in things very quickly, but it always comes back. I love the support I am receiving from people though, so I will always blog even if I space out the entries. Thank you and lets get into it.

Alright, so I was tasked by my friend to write a blog thanking an item, so as the title says I will be thanking water. Lets begin…

Thank you water.

Thank you for replenishing me after a night of drinking.

Thank you for making me feel as though I’m fully better even though I’m very much still sick.

Thank you for helping me gain weight after my depression last year.

Thank you for letting my body know when I need you and for saving me.

Thank you for hydrating me during a hard days work.

Thank you for freezing, so that I can eat delicious ice when I’m bored.

Thank you for being something to look forward to when I’m thirsty.

Thank you for helping me swallow pills that I’m taking while I’m sick.

Thank you for making me feel cool on a hot summer day.

I could thank you all day, but I think I’ll end with this. Thank you for taking up 60% of my body and helping me live my best life.

Alright so this was honestly a harder blog for me, but I thanked water the best I could.

Much love,



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