Keeping it Busy..

Wow its been a long four months since my last post and I know those who are just outside readers are thinking of how inconsistent I may seem but the truth is I’ve been busy! As much as I would love to sit and blog every single day, nowadays I just don’t have the energy to make time to write. Except right now as I’m writing this blog I have a bunch of energy to tell you all what I’ve been up to and a few lessons I’ve learned in these past few months I’ve been gone.

Lets get into it. Hey don’t read this and be boring grab your favorite snack and shoot even grab a friend and have them read along I plan on getting a little deep but this blog isn’t going to be one of my sentimental posts though it will be one of my posts that is relatable(per usual). Alright so I’ve been busy. Never in 21 years have I ever been as busy as I am now nor have I worked as hard as I have been working now.

So I know I talked about my jobs in my previous blog about Forgiveness, but I never talked about what it was like to work three jobs. So to begin with I started getting flustered with working all of them and eventually I quit each and every one of them. I’m a borderline so being busy is okay if its something I love to do I was truly hating what I did. I’m in the process of finding myself again and as I do I know I have to let go of everything that brings me negative vibes. Currently I’m super anxious about starting classes March 18, and I know that seems far but its the only thing I have to look forward to right now. Life tried to suck me back into depression, but instead of letting the devil win I plan to come out on top. I’m motivated to becoming everything I ever dreamed of and with the help of a few people I know my dreams will be acquired. I’m gonna end of this blog because I have a few more to publish, but before I do let me leave you with something… Time waits for no one, if you want something go get it. That dream career, that house, that WOMAN or man. YOU WANT CHANEL GO GET IT.

Much love,

Najiyyah Arisa

P.S. This blog was started in November a lot more has happened since then I just never got to update it so when I’m saying months keep in mind I began this in November and I just ended it today.


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