The Rules.

Hey there! I’m starting to gain the motivation to be as great as my parents raised me to be again. Life is never going to be easy and if it ever is than it wasn’t worth living.

My life is about love. I love deeply. I love without boundaries, without apologies… whole heartedly. My name is Najiyyah Arisa Abdullah-Lewis. I am 22 years old, a United States Air Force Veteran, a warrior, a defender, an auntie, a Godmother, and I am everyone’s friend.

Here is my testimony:

I was born in Newport News, VA home of JB Ft. Eustis at Riverside Hospital on January 6, 1997 at 10pm. I was born lazy, but with a name that means leader I was destined to be successful. I’ve only went to a few different schools, but I’ve lived in so many places. A product of my environment, I began to cut myself when I was 12 years old because seeing the blood was what I needed to feel physical pain. I would have cut my entire life if I never met J’wan. He seen my cuts when I was 14 and I felt embarrassed that someone on the outside had finally noticed my self harm, so I stopped. Then I began to engage in other self-mutilating behaviors such as sex and alcohol. I told my mother when I was 14 that I needed to attend therapy, and as in most black households she told me to go away. So I continued to self-harm by drinking myself into blackout drunk phases. I was terrified that I would get so drunk I couldn’t remember what happened, but that wouldn’t stop me from getting pissy drunk. After my ninth grade year of high school I decided I would live life a bit more carefully, and get more focused on school. I graduated high school with a 3.63 GPA from Warwick High School; I then went on to join the United States Air Force in 2016. Upon graduating from Basic Training I went on to train to become a defender, USAF Security Forces.

A product of my environment once again, my first duty station, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC. SJAFB, also known as “Shady J”, is a phenomenal base if you’re “blue”. Being blue means you adhere to every rule and you also make sure those around you are adhering to the rules. I got to Seymour and immediately took off running with my boots on the ground, establishing rapport with only the finest defenders. Charlie Flight was my first assignment, the best flight there is to be on. Charlie Flight led the 4 SFS in every single award in the year 2017, and continues to dominate Security Forces in every organization.

Enough of my past career, now I am dominating the world in every organization as I stand beside my partner in life, who serves as a Specialist in the US Army. A product of my environment I adhere to the guidelines of what it takes to be successful and there are a set of things you must do in order to become SPANTACULAR.

Rule 1: Air out your deepest darkest secret, and let the world feel your pain.

Rule 2: Air out the secrets you’ve heard from people who think you love them.

Rule 3: Make the people laugh.

Rule 4: Show them your heart.

Rule 5: Get your day ones back and never let them go again.

With those short simple 5 rules I can assure you of one thing that will definitely happen, the people will LOVE you. And of course there will be people who hate you, but if you don’t have any haters after you follow those rules you didn’t do it right and you need to re-evaluate and try again. Try until it hurts. Try until you bleed. Try until your heart breaks. Try until you get knocked down. Keep trying until you don’t have anymore try in you, but understand the path will not be easy. You will lose just as many people as you gain and you will feel defeated each time you take another step, but keep climbing the ladder. Every tool you need someone has already given you a hand with. Take heed to those who love you ans never ever let someone take your friend away.

Much love,

Najiyyah Arisa

(aka GeGe)


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