Here’s the deal about me.

I am Najiyyah Abdullah, though I want my last name to be Lewis like my pops.

I am 21 years old, my chapter 20 was full of shit, for a lack of better terms. I started the year 2017 off drunk after drinking the small little 375 ml bottle of Hennessy. Boy oh boy was I wasted. I watch a funny video of myself all the time recorded by my ex wife, as I’m laying on the floor I’m saying “2016 was the best year of my life.. I got my heart broken, I found new love, I became an American Airman, and I got married.”

I got married on December 15, 2016. Prior to marriage I thought I was in love with my ex wife, but I just wanted her to be the way my first love was… she wasn’t and never will be my first love. I used my marriage as a stepping stone to get over my first love. It may not be right but it worked. I am now as a result getting a divorce. Thank GOD.

This is about me though not my damn marriage. I was in the United States Air Force.

I’ve always been a writer, so blogging may be new to me, but expressing myself through writing is not. I am a creative ball of everything. I can write, try to sing, draw, cook, clean, take care of babies, and I’m a hell of a workaholic. I play sports, All-American. I love babies, but I don’t think its my time for one just yet.

I am a social media QUEEN. I love social media. I honestly think it’s the best thing that could have ever been created and I’ve been on it since MySpace days. I enjoy twitter the most out of the social media platforms, then Instagram, and of course Snapchat.

I think I told a lot about me on this little page. I was on track to writing my book, but lost motivation to finish, but thanks for reading this!


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